Ohio Organic Compost operates with the highest standards. Customers come to OOC because of the consistency and reliability they get with purchasing products from a trusted “green” supplier. We are proud to offer organic products at or below competitor prices for non-organic product including: Organic Compost and blends, Garden Soil, and a variety of Mulches. Proudly serving the Greater Cincinnati and tri-state areas.

Products & Retail Pricing

Product Delivery - price varies

We offer delivery of all our products within a 45 mile radius.

Deliveries require a minimum order of 7 yards of a single product.

The cost of delivery various depending on the distance from our location. Please contact us for a quote.

Ohio Organic Compost - $20/cu yd

Ohio Organic Compost, Solvita rating of 7 = ideal compost!  Excellent for vegetable gardens and perennial beds. Enhances soil fertility.

Ohio Organic Garden Soil - $25/cu yd

Perfect product for garden and growing of all types of flowers, produce, tress, etc. Consists of our Ohio Organic Compost and Leaf Humus.

Ohio Organic Single Shredded Mulch: Natural Wood - $15/cu yd

Single shredded wood mulch/wood chips that are perfect for walk-ways, trails, flower beds, and natural looks.

Ohio Organic Double Shredded Mulch: Mocha Brown - $20/cu yd

Our top selling Organic Mulch with a natural “mocha brown” color shredded and processed twice.

Ohio Organic Triple Shredded Mulch: Natural Dark Chocolate - $25/cu yd

Finest quality Organic Mulch with a natural “dark chocolate” color, finely shredded three times.

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